The Wish List #4: Survival of the Sparkliest!


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Author: Sarah Aronson


Fight like a godmother!
Q: What will Isabelle learn in Level Four?
a) How to be a great fairy godmother
b) The TRUE story of the Unhappy Princess
c) The secret to Clotilda’s success
d) All of the above

Isabelle has finally made it to the last level of fairy godmother training! Once she aces the final, she’ll be a real fairy godmother. She can’t wait for unlimited sparkles, fancy wands, and a chance to reconnect with her first assignment, non-princess Nora. But a sparkly disaster throws Isabelle for a loop. Suddenly, her future as a fairy godmother isn’t looking like a wish come true. Is she destined for the Home for Normal Girls, after all?


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