Sex, Pot & Politics


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Author: Lucie Pagé


Josephine’s life takes a new turn when her husband, Robert—Bobby among close friends—is elected minister of finance. She soon realizes that the questionable relationships he has are becoming more frequent and that his values and principles are losing ground. To add to that, Josephine makes a discovery that scandalizes her: her youngest son smokes pot! First shocked, she then tries it herself and gets great pleasure out of it. Seeing that her marriage is going downhill since her husband is minister, this gives her an idea. With the complicity of her best friend, Lilly, and her domestic workers, Mamadou and Ping, she prepares a special meal that her husband will host in honor of several influential public personalities. If she wanted to spice up her everyday life, Josephine will have reached her goal. But the discoveries she will make will change her life . . . and that of the planet.


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