Letter To My African Girl Child


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Author: Patrick Chiguri


After many encounters with the day to day challenges haunting the African girl child, I was prompted to make way for the most compelling summation of the 21st Century African girl’s troubles and how best they could be addressed and economically emancipating her in the end.
In three letters a father and daughter unravel the deep socio-economic ills befalling the unfortunate young women and men of the mother land. It’s a love thing when a father seeks to amicably address poverty, political gangsters, rape, drug and substance addictions, inequality, disease, natural disasters, cultural erosion, marital turmoil, and an education system that kept her inferior with social injustice deliberately cast out on Africa’s beauty.
After an emotional breakdown that hit her badly, she needed a survival guide to face the cruel, world in its sense.
The two generations have to fuse their experiences to raise a generationally upright and economically sound people enabling them to compete with the rest of the world.


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