I am a Purposepreneur


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Author: Cherona D


The Why

“So, who or what are you, exactly?I inhale and feel the weight of the answer. Will I be too much or too little? You see, I do not have a set job description. I have grown, evolved, grown again and I have continued to do so. I don’t fit the traditional mould.”

I am a Purposepreneur’ is Cherona’s first book and it is a goldmine packed full of priceless ingots for readers looking for inspiration, as well as those seeking guidance and practical tools to help them to progress in their business.

Be inspired

Cherona has inspired and mobilised countless audiences, and the positive response and success is the driving force behind her writing this book. She is extremely ‘hands-on’, and takes you on her journey to becoming the skills influencer that she is today, coaching you along the way to be intentional in your own journey. Aimed at women in business and young entrepreneurs, growth is a given between the pages of this book.


Highly organised in her thinking, she gives her readers current strategies for social media management, personal discovery, prayer and then anchors it all in scripture. She peppers her story with humorous anecdotes that lighten the mood and make you feel like a best friend, sitting having a cup of coffee at the kitchen table.

Let’s grow

This is a winner all the way that will help you to grow your business and will inspire you to be the best that you can be! A great story, full of invaluable tips for a successful and fulfilling life in Christ, career and as an entrepreneur.



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