Cowboys Don’t Fly


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Author: John Steed


Adventures in African Aviation

Born into the embers of the colonial era, John Steed’s fascination with flying is ignited at an early age. Before achieving his goal, he tastes life in Kenya as a soldier and businessman .

Learning to fly on Jet Provosts in the RAF, John’s ambitions are thwarted and a return to Africa results in many escapades culminating in unjust deportation from Uganda.

Returning to Africa once more he becomes an entrepreneur and TV presenter and is then embroiled in the Rhodesian bush war, living through unique experiences as a pilot in the acclaimed Police Reserve Air Wing – the PRAW.

At war’s end, fate provides the foundation for a unique charter airline, Sky Relief, whose pilots fly thousands of hours on Aid missions in Mozambique, Sudan and Somalia.

The conclusion is the story of the translocation of two black rhinos by air from South Africa to Malawi in a De Havilland Buffalo. The resultant movie, “George and the Rhino” was extensively broadcast on the “Discovery” and “Animal Planet” channels.

Laced with entertaining first-hand anecdotes, the book will appeal to all who enjoy unusual exploits..


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