Lucie Pagé - Sex, Pot & Politics

Lucie Pagé is a French-Canadian journalist and writer sharing her life between Canada and South Africa since 1990. After Nelson Mandela’s release, she became a reporter based in South Africa for Québécois media. She is married to Jay Naidoo, political activist and minister in Nelson Mandela’s cabinet. After spending more than a quarter of a century in the eye of the storm of politics, she wrote the satire Sex, Pot and Politics, her third novel and seventh book. Lucie did a two-year research on cannabis, a plant that saved her life. Lucie and Jay have three children and live in Eagle Valley, South Africa where they have a development project working with people to build the village of the future where the main question driving them is: What does it mean to be human? All proceeds of this book will go to research on medical cannabis.