Debby Thomson - My Beloved Country Made Me Cry

In December 2019, Debby launched her first book, published by Woodrock Publishing and titled: My Beloved Country Made me Cry.

The book is non-fiction and is focused on the many systems in South Africa that are letting the citizens down daily while contributing towards the high crime levels in the country.

Following the thread of her brother’s murder, Debby takes the reader on a journey exploring the many shocking and mind blowing realities behind what is really happening within the policing and judicial systems in South Africa

In addition to this, Debby also focuses on creating an understanding behind crime in South Africa specifically the occurrence of violent crime in South Africa with the intention that by truly understanding the situation only then can we begin to find the right solutions.

The book is already being haled as a masterpiece and is receiving reviews way beyond anything that Debby ever expected. Readers are commonly commenting that they are unable to put it down and that this is a book that ALL South Africans should read.