Mr Pattacake and the Medieval Feast


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Author: Stephanie Baudet


Mr Pattacake thinks the medieval fun day is going to be perfect. He’s made all sorts of weird and wonderful dishes- what could possibly go wrong? But, as usual, nothing ever goes smoothly for Mr Pattacake. He finds himself in a mess when problems strike and a ride on a runaway horse has Mr Pattacake clinging on for dear life. Will he manage to save the day this time? Join Mr Pattacake and his lazy cat, Treacle, as they go medieval, put out fires, rescue a damsel in distress and even have time for a bit of jousting. GADZOOKS!

The Mr Pattacake 10 book series tells the stories of an eccentric chef and his cat, Treacle, who are always getting themselves into sticky situations. Readers aged 5+ will love following this world of food and adventure.


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