Mr Pattacake and the Kids Café


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Author: Stephanie Baudet


When Mr Pattacake decides to open up a new animal-themed cafe, he’s determined to make it extraordinary. He’s pulled out all of the stops: he’s bought costumes, and even gone on a trip to the zoo to research the animals! But Mr Pattacake’s efforts to bring excitement and wildlife into his cafe have terrible consequences – soon it’s not just hungry children he has to worry about! Join Mr Pattacake and his lazy cat, Treacle, as they work on this exciting new project and get caught up in some monkey business along the way.

The Mr Pattacake 10 book series tells the stories of an eccentric chef and his cat, Treacle, who are always getting themselves into sticky situations. Readers aged 5+ will love following this world of food and adventure.


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