Lightning Girl #3: Secret Supervillain


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Author: Alesha Dixon


The third laugh-out-loud, high-voltage adventure from superstar ALESHA DIXON in collaboration with Katy Birchall Aurora Beam is a SUPER ANNOYED SUPERHERO.

She’s desperate to help her mum and grandma track down the stolen precious stone that holds the key to her family’s powers, but they’re insisting she sit this one out.

There’s a DANGEROUS SUPERVILLAIN on the loose and not even Lightning Girl and the Bright Sparks may be a match for him or her.

Worried that whoever has the stone will destroy it and flick the switch off on her powers forever, Aurora refuses to hide at home and stay safe. What can she discover about master-of-disguise the Blackout Burglar? And about his boss, the secret supervillain with a deep-seated desire for revenge…

Laughs on every page and fantastically funny art throughout.


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