Hearts of Ice


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Author: Adi Rule


Evangeline has been lonely her whole life. Her mother rarely lets her play outside . . . especially not when it’s snowing. It’s almost as if she wants to hide her daughter from the world…

For as long as she can remember, Evangeline has felt someone missing, like a best friend who moved away, or an imaginary friend she’s forgotten. She knows it sounds crazy, but the thought has always given her comfort-the idea that there’s someone waiting for her, looking for her. Someone who cares about her.

On her birthday, Evangeline finds her window has blown open, and her room is full of snow. There’s a message written in the frost. One word. HELP

Evangeline learns that she has a sister, a twin, in fact. They were both born in another world — a land of snow and music and ancient magic. Now, someone is calling Evangeline back, and will stop at nothing to lure her into the magical realm where danger lurks.


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