Apley Towers: Made Powerful (Book 2)


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Author: Myra King

Illustrator: Subrata Mahajan


In the shade of the Giant’s Throne Mountain, and on the coast of the Indian Ocean, Port St. Christopher is home to Apley Towers; a riding school for girls and boys, young or old, who learn what it means to be a true horse rider. When a mysterious new rider arrives at Apley, Kaela and Trixie are immediately on the defensive. Not only is she dangerously talented, she insists on wearing expensive sunglasses whilst she rides. Who is this Sunglasses-Girl and why does she persist in pointing out Kaela and Trixie’s flaws? It’s down to Kaela to solve the puzzle of Angela May, and figure out a few things for herself along the way.

Apley Towers is a continuing twelve book horse and pony series set in South Africa. These coming of age stories have a strong focus on close friendships and are ideal for readers aged 11+. Shortlisted for the People’s Book Prize 2017.


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