A Ball in the Mud


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Author: Keagan Hertz


Meet TJ Sibeko and his football team – Silver Stars – as they fight their way through the ranks to become South Africa’s very best academy team. Hailing from the townships, TJ dreams of becoming the best soccer player in the world, but emotional trauma, abject poverty and a general lack of resources makes this a tough goal to achieve. With no possibility of a university acceptance and his only source of income a part time job at a petrol station, his only hope of living a life of true value is being offered a professional contract from Silver Stars.

This story by Keagan Hertz follows the young football player, dubbed The Poacher and his friends as they show incredible talent, resilience, and determination. Selected into the Silver Stars Academy at the tender age of 13, TJ works his way up the ranks to the under-eighteen team despite many struggles. TJ is constantly plagued by various challenges that lead him to question God’s intentions for his life and when his home-life implodes, his life takes an unexpected turn… Will he have what it takes to make it through these difficulties, or will he finally quit the game into which he has invested blood, sweat and tears?Will this situation open the door to finding the answers he needs to steer him on the right track to making his dreams a reality?

Read this captivating tale to discover the hardships and triumphs of TJ and the detours that add new and unexpected meaning to our lives. This book is a must-read for every aspiring football star and anyone who enjoys a good sport analogy to put life in perspective.


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